Prove That You're The Legitimate Owner Of A Locked Safe With These Steps

If you show up at a locksmith's place of work with a small safe under your arm and ask him or her to open it for you, it's only natural that you might be met with a bit of skepticism. Locksmiths can indeed open safes, but they don't want to do so for someone who has stolen one. This means that to set the locksmith's mind at ease, it's ideal if you can use a few different methods to show that you're indeed the rightful owner of the safe and that you've lost the key, forgotten the combination, or been locked out for a different reason. Here are some methods that you can use to prove this point:

Provide A Photograph

Whenever you buy a safe for your home, it's useful to take one or more photographs that show the safe and, in particular, clearly reveal the serial number marked on the rear of the unit. When you take this photo, ensure that your camera's date-stamp function is turned on. If you use your smartphone, it will attach the date and time to the photo for you. When you visit the locksmith, you can show that this particular safe has been in your possession since the date of the photo. The average thief isn't apt to steal a safe and then keep it for a long time, so this strategy will help you to prove that you're the rightful owner.

Keep The Paperwork

One of the best ways to prove that you're the rightful owner of the safe in your possession is to keep copies of the paperwork that you got when you bought the safe. This includes the sales receipt and any warranty paperwork that you filled out. The latter is especially helpful because it will include the safe's serial number. When you store the paperwork, make sure to place it in a location other than your safe. It will be of little value in the event that you get locked out.

Knowledge Of The Contents

At the very least, you should be able to tell the locksmith exactly what is inside the safe. This can further instill confidence in the locksmith that you're the correct owner of this device. For example, you might be able to say that a couple USB drives, your passport, about $5,000 in cash, and some other personal effects are all present. When the locksmith successfully opens the safe and these contents are evident, there will be no doubt about who is the rightful owner.

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