How Secure Is Your Store This Holiday Season?

The holiday season can be an excellent time to boost your sales and bring in new customers. But if your store isn't equipped or able to keep your customers and employees safe, the season can be less than stellar for your business. You can make your store safer with these tips:

Up Your Security

Safety is one of the biggest concerns during the holiday season. Although the majority of your customers will have good intentions when they visit and shop your store, some individuals might not have your best interests at heart. These unwelcome guests may shoplift or take valuable items from your shelves, or they may target your customers' wallets, purses, and other valuables. Unless you take precautions, you might not see or catch the crimes as they happen.

One of the most effective ways to keep everyone and your store safe is to up your security. You can accomplish this by hiring a security team or guards to monitor your front, side, and back entrances. Thieves can use the nearest open door to exit your store. 

Also, strategically place guards in your aisles and near your cash registers. Some criminals stand near paying customers and visually scan their credit cards. The thieves use the stolen information to purchase items online or at nearby stores. Your customers may not notice the exchange until it's too late.

After you hire a security team, educate your employees about seasonal safety.

Train Your Staff

Your cashiers, managers, and other staff members should learn how to recognize theft or potential theft when they see it. Seasoned and unseasoned shoplifters may pretend to shop for items but leave as soon as store personnel arrives at the aisle. Other thieves may carry or bring in additional bags, such as multiple shopping bags, large purses, or backpacks, and use the bags to hide the items they plan to take.

It's important to look for individuals who may fit the descriptions above. Your employees should also learn not to discriminate customers based on their appearance and clothing. Some shoplifters can be well-dressed and polite, or they can be elderly or very young. If you have concerns about how to educate your staff, consult with a security agency for assistance.

Also, teach your staff to report a theft to a guard or manager. Employees should never attempt to follow or apprehend a shoplifter themselves. Although many shoplifters will try to exit the store, some individuals can carry weapons. Safety should always be first when dealing with holiday theft or shoplifting.

To keep your store safe this season, contact a security agency or company like A P I Security today.

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