What YOU Need To Do To Improve Home Security

The security system that you have installed to keep your family safe won't do much good if you don't utilize it properly. Will your security system alert you of someone trying to break into your home? Will the cameras show you who it is lurking in your bushes? One key element of home security is often overlooked – you! If you don't do your part securing your home, the security system will not be an adequate tool for safety.

Security System Maintenance

When the system is installed, the technician will spend some time walking you through each element and how to utilize the features of the system. You will be given instructions on how to maintain your system. Things that need to be done from time to time include:

Camera Angles – Exterior cameras can shift during a heavy storms or wind gusts. Make sure to turn on the monitors and check to see what angles the cameras are pointed. If you notice that the pictures are not clear or that they aren't capturing the areas that they are meant to, take the time to adjust them or call for a technician to come and do it for you.

Backup Batteries – Backup batteries don't last forever. Take some time to test them at least every six months. This is something that you should think about during the spring and fall time change. It's the best reminder to check the batteries in your security system, fire/smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. If the system battery doesn't last more than a couple of hours, contact your technician for assistance.

Sensors – Your system likely has door and window sensors to alert the system when the windows and doors are opened. Test each sensor and if any of them fail to trigger the alarm, contact your technician.

Check the Locks

Make sure that the windows and doors are locked at all times. It only takes a second to turn a lock behind you and when you close a window, but it can take years to get over a traumatic event, like a home burglary.

Strangers Knocking

One of the most common scams burglars will use is knocking on the front door while an accomplice goes to the back door and enters your home while their partner keeps you busy in the front. Before you go to the front door, make sure that the back door is locked. Before you open the door, make sure that you know who you are opening the door to. Request formal ID. Keep your phone in hand ready to call 911 in the event that things go badly.

Talk with a home security technician, such as from Armstrong 24/7, to learn more about what you can do to improve the security of your home.

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