5 Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard Service

Owners, looking to save money, may be tempted to skimp on security. However, having inadequate security usually backfires because factors like employee turnover, robbery, and crime often cost a business more in the long run. Hiring a security guard service will be beneficial to your business, and here's how.   

Increase Employee Retention

Human Resources Managers study motivation theories. It is widely known that one of the most basic human needs, just above food and water, is the need for safety. Employees quit for different reasons, but the most common reason employees cite is the perception that their management doesn't care about them.

Inadequate security sends the message to employees that their safety isn't important to management, and this can lead to expensive employee turnover. Investing in a safe working environment boosts employee morale and aids in employee retention.    

Increase Employee Safety

Your company personnel are the most important asset that you need to protect. Protecting your human capital is accomplished by hiring experienced security guards. Security guards can escort your personnel to their cars after dark or be a visible deterrent against criminals. Behind the scenes, security guards can monitor your cameras to stop shrinkage and protect employees and customers against robbers and thieves.  

Increase Accountability

A trained security guard can be an asset in the event of a crime as they can provide the accountability needed to help police. Your security guard can assist in gathering and collecting evidence, taking witnesses statements, and notifying and helping the police to build a case against any criminals who target your company.

Increase Peace of Mind

Workplace violence impacts the lives of more than 2 million workers every year and can be very costly in terms of worker's compensation, absenteeism, and employee morale and turnover. Additionally, workplace violence is the third leading cause of death for hospitals, schools and other professional areas like law and media. Hiring security guards to protect employees in these fields can mitigate workplace violence risks and provide an increase in peace of mind for management and employees alike.

Increase Security Protocol

With active shooters all over the news and the yearly increase in crime, companies need to make sure that they have security protocols in place and that staff are trained in what they need to do in the event of various emergencies. Security guards can help with security awareness and aid in the training of personnel on how to be safe in the event of emergencies.

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