3 Questions To Know The Answer To Before Hiring Private Security For Your Wedding

You have your wedding details planned to the letter and it is time to start reaching out to security companies to ensure your event goes off without a hitch and with no conflicts. Before you head to a private security company to make arrangements for your wedding, it is best if you know exactly what you need. Here is a look at a few questions you should know the answer to when hiring security for your wedding because you will likely be asked when you get there. 

Will you need security outside as well as inside?

A lot of wedding planners choose to have security inside of the venue, but it can be just as important to have security in parking areas outside of the event as well. By hiring security for the outside of the venue and in the parking area, guests will feel more safe about traveling to and from their vehicles and leaving personal belongings in their cars if needed. While outside security is an optional thing, it can be really helpful to ensure everyone has an excellent time at your wedding.

How many guests will be at the event?

Knowing how many guests you are expecting at your wedding and reception will give the security company a good idea of what your security needs will be for the festivities. Naturally, larger weddings with more guests will require a few extra measures of security, especially if you have a strict guest list that you want followed and no uninvited guests allowed at the event. 

How large is the venue where the wedding will take place?

The larger your venue is, the more security you will need on hand to keep an eye on various parts of the facility. For example, if you will be having your wedding at an outdoor venue where there is a lot of room for guests to move around, you may need a little more security on site just to keep everything and everyone safe. Likewise, you should know whether the venue will have to be protected from outsiders who may be in the area. 

Will there be alcohol served at the event?

Even though alcohol in some shape or fashion is usually served at a wedding, alcohol can also mean there will be a slightly higher need for security. The security company may ask if you will need services at or near the bar at your wedding venue. 

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