Three Event Security Options To Consider Before Hiring

If you are looking to hire security for an event you are hosting, you want to be aware of your options so that you hire the right kind of security. There are many options for the type of security you can have that can make all the difference in guest enjoyment and safety. Here more info on the three event security options to look into:

  1. Unarmed: First off, you can choose to have the security armed or unarmed. Unarmed services aren't as expensive, but they are still just as highly trained to protect your guests and event area. Their presence alone can make it appear that your event is well secured even if they aren't armed. This usually deters potential danger easily to keep your guests safe. In the end, you have protection from theft, trespassing, and more with the presence of unarmed security. 
  2. Armed: If you do want armed guards, you need to be prepared to pay a higher cost. This higher cost is worth it though if armed guards are what you need since they are highly trained to not only protect your event, but use a weapon if it becomes necessary. This may be an ideal option for you if you are hosting an event that will be using expensive equipment or other expensive items, as well as if you are hosting the event for guests that will be carrying large sums of cash, such as they would possibly at an auction event. This can definitely make your guests feel more comfortable bringing along their valuable items. 
  3. Specialists: Finally, you may need security that specializes in handling certain types of events. For example, if you are hosting an event in which many valuable items are being sold, you might want security that specializes in loss prevention. They specialize in being able to recognize someone attempting to steal any of the items that are being sold. You might also want someone who specializes in crowd control, which is ideal if the event is open to the general public. You never know who could show up, so you want to be sure that any problem people are being removed to keep everyone else safe. 

Debating between these three options is going to ensure that you end up choosing the right type of event security to ensure guest protection and a feeling of safety to ensure that your event is even more enjoyable. 

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