Tips For Effectively Using A Golf Cart While On Patrol

One of the ways that you might find yourself patrolling an area when you're a security guard is behind the wheel of a golf cart. Doing so offers lots of advantages from a security perspective, but you'll want to ensure that your security officers receive a lot of training when it comes to using this type of vehicle. It's advantageous for your security service to develop a training program that puts officers through their paces while using golf carts so that when a guard uses a cart on patrol for the first time, he or she will be comfortable doing so. Here are some tips that you should emphasize for effectively using the golf cart.

Pick A Proper Patrol Speed

It can be tempting for security guards to perform their patrols at an elevated speed. The methodology behind doing so might be that the officer can cover more ground during a short period of time, as well as surprise people who may be breaking the law by appearing very quickly. While there are merits to traveling quickly in the golf cart, a regular patrol is usually best at a lower speed. Traveling slowly allows the officer to notice more as he or she drives through an area, which can be instrumental in preventing criminal actions. You'll want to tell your guards to keep their patrols to a certain speed.

Use Lights/Siren When Responding

A regular security patrol on a golf cart doesn't necessarily need to involve flashing lights, much less a siren. In fact, there can be benefits to officers patrolling without drawing attention to themselves, provided that doing so is safe. However, when your officers need to respond to a crime or other situation quickly, they need to know that it's imperative to use their golf cart's lights and siren. Doing so is critical for making people aware that the vehicle is approaching, which is valuable when it's traveling at a heightened speed.

Be Wary Of Leaving The Cart Unattended

Sometimes, security guards will need to leave their cart unattended when they respond to a scene. Doing so can be avoidable, but you should emphasize the importance of not letting the cart out of your officers' sight during most events. A security-upgraded golf cart can hold many items of value and items that you don't want people taking, such as security manuals that might detail valuable information about your security patrols. Whenever possible, officers should stay near their golf carts when patrolling. To learn more about security, contact a business such as Axios Security Consultants

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