3 Things to Know About Security Risk Assessments

The safety and security of your enterprise are essential for limiting your liabilities. Unfortunately, business owners will often find that they are poorly suited to the task of overseeing this aspect of their company. This can result in major security lapses that could put the business and those working or visiting it at a higher risk. Here are three things you should know about security risk assessments to help keep you, your employees, and your clients safe.

1. Understand the Benefits of Having Physical Security Risk Assessments Performed

During a physical security risk assessment, the entire building that houses your enterprise will be inspected for potential hazards that could be unsafe. A common example will be the positioning and type of locks that are used to secure the doors. Additionally, the ease of gaining access through the windows will also be reviewed. By having a complete understanding of the security hazards and risks for the building, you will be better able to take steps to mitigate the potential issues that could arise from these matters.

2. Create a Timetable for Updating Your Security Assessments

It is necessary to regularly update the security assessment to account for changes to the building, neighborhood, and security needs of the enterprise. Unfortunately, many business owners will simply schedule one of these assessments. Rather, it is important to have a security assessment performed at regular intervals to ensure that any hazards are identified as soon as possible. By creating a timetable for when you will have these assessments updated, you can be in a far better position for ensuring the business is kept as safe and secure as possible. Between these assessments, you should make sure to store the assessment report in a safe location so that you can easily review it whenever you need to make a security decision for the business.

3. Determine Whether Permanent Security Services Are Necessary

Depending on the particular nature of your business, it may be advisable to have a permanent security force monitoring and patrolling your business. In addition to being beneficial to businesses with high-value inventory, this can also be beneficial for enterprises that have particularly hazardous working areas. This may seem counterintuitive, but it can be possible for the business to be liable for injuries that unauthorized individuals suffer while on the property. If you are worried about the cost of this type of security presence, commercial liability insurance policies will often have stipulations for deep discounts for businesses that utilize these security services. Furthermore, the ability to potentially avoid expensive legal entanglements can also prove to be valuable. For these reasons, you may want to closely review whether these services will make sense for your business's security needs.

To be safe, schedule your enterprise physical security risk assessment today to ensure you don't have vulnerable lapses in your business.

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