Storm Shelter 101: Essential Items To Keep Readily Available In Your Home & In Your Storm Shelter

Storm shelters are essential in some regions of the country that are prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. However, it's important to understand that there are several items to store inside your home and inside the storm shelter so the items can be readily available if the time comes that you and your family will need to seek the safety of the shelter. Here is a list of essential items to keep inside your storm shelter and in a safe location inside your home. 

Keep essential protective items near the exit

Choose a location inside your home beside the main exit that will be used when you and your family escape to the storm shelter, such as shelving or a closet in the entryway. In this location, keep a properly-sized pair of sneakers for every member of the family. That way, you and your family members can quickly put on the sneakers to protect your feet from any hazards as you make your way to the storm shelter. 

Since debris may be flying around in the severe wind conditions that can be horrendous in a hurricane or tornado, keep a bicycle helmet for everyone in this location. A bicycle helmet will protect your heads from flying debris while going to the storm shelter as well as when you exit the storm shelter after the storm has passed through. 

Stock essential supplies inside the storm shelter 

In the storm shelter, you will want to keep a supply of necessary medication if any of your family members have prescriptions; you should also store protein bars or crackers if food is needed when taking the medication. Of course, a supply of bottled water is essential. If your choose larger bottles of water instead of individual serving sizes, be sure to keep a supply of cups or smaller bottles to refill. 

A first aid kit, a flashlight, a weather radio, and a power bank for your cell phone are also important items to have in your storm shelter. However, it's crucial to have a way to signal for help should the cell phone service be unavailable. Keep a very loud whistle inside the storm shelter -- this can be used to signal rescue workers. Learn how to give the SOS distress signal with the whistle, which is three short blows, three long blows, and another three short blows. 

For more information about keeping your storm shelter properly stocked, contact companies like Valley Storm Shelters.

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