4 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing Security Guard Services

If you operate any kind of brick-and-mortar business, having security guard services can give you, your employees, and your clients peace of mind. Specifically, a security guard service can provide extra protection on-site during regular business hours, after-hours, or both. Of course, not every security service is created equal. To make sure you end up with the service that best suits your company's needs, there are a few questions worth asking before you sign any kind of contract.

Are Guards in Uniform or Plainclothes?

Many businesses that hire security guards want it to be obvious that the store is being watched and protected by security. This is especially true of retail stores, where theft and shoplifting may be a common problem. The idea here is that when would-be thieves see security guards throughout the store, they will be less likely to engage in criminal activity for fear of being caught.

In other cases, however, businesses may prefer to have their security guards blend in with their clientele. This is where it's important to ask a potential security company whether their guards will be in uniform or if they have the option to choose plainclothes guards.

How Flexible Is Your Scheduling?

If your place of business has hours that vary throughout the year, you'll want to make sure your security service will work to accommodate your changing needs. For example, if your business has seasonal hours, you may find yourself needing security guard services more at certain times of the year than others. With that in mind, you'll want to make sure you're not "locked into" a particular schedule.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Most states require licensing for security guard services, so be sure to find out what the requirements are in your state and check to ensure that the company you're considering is licensed appropriately. For added peace of mind, your security service should also carry liability and workers compensation insurance. If the security guard service offers vehicle patrol, make sure they have proof of auto liability insurance as well.

This is also a good time to ask about specific training; how are guards trained and how often do they receive refresher training. Ideally, the company you end up hiring should offer training that exceeds state requirements.

Hiring the right security guard service can give your business an added layer of protection. And by taking the time to ask these questions of a potential security guard service, you can make a confident decision.

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