Installing A CCTV In Your Store


Installing CCTV in your store or event center is a smart move for several reasons. The mere presence of video cameras will deter many would-be-thieves from taking anything, and if someone does steal from your store, you will have video footage of it. The cameras can also come in handy for keeping an eye on employees and making sure protocols are being followed when you're not around. However, when installing CCTV in your store, there are a few things you must do before and during the process.

1. Check your state's laws.

Laws regarding CCTV use vary by state, so make sure you look up your state's regulations. In most states, you cannot put video cameras in areas where someone would expect a certain level of privacy -- which includes inside bathrooms -- and in and around changing rooms. Some states have more specific laws regarding how far from a bathroom or changing room a camera can be placed in. 

2. Hang signs.

In almost all states, you are required to post signage that tells people they are being recorded when they enter your store. Even if your state does not have this requirement, posting signage is a good idea. The sign itself may ward off more thieves than the actual cameras! Good places to put signs include on the doorway to your store and in the main front window. You could also hang a sign by the register.

3. Decide on "important" areas to monitor.

You may want to monitor the whole store, but due to camera placement issues and camera angles, this is not always an option. So, it is helpful to decide from the very beginning where the most important areas to capture are. You may decide that areas like the cash register, safe, and perfume shelf are most important. Once you have these areas covered, you can move into placing cameras in less-important areas.

4. Decide how you'll handle the footage.

Many store owners choose to simply record and keep all of the footage they collect and then look back at it only if there has been an issue with theft. However, you may want to take a different approach -- such as reviewing a little of the footage each day to get a sense of how employees are handling certain problems. Decide on this approach from the get-go so you can make and stick with your goals as the footage is collected. Contact someone in your area for information on event security services.

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