5 Tips For Event Security

Security is a concern for any event, whether it's large or small, held indoors or out. The following tips can help you plan a secure and safe event. 

1. Assess Risks

Every event will have varying security risks. Outdoor events, for example, have greater intruder risks, while indoor events have risks associated with fewer exits. Some events may attract protesters or agitators, while the main risks at other events may be due to attendee theft or alcohol consumption. A security professional with experience in many types of events can effectively assess the most likely risks for your event. 

2. Use Visible Precautions

Visible security measures include things like security cameras and uniformed security personnel. Effective security works to dissuade poor behavior, not simply to respond in the event of a security issue. Making certain measures visible and using signage to draw attention to these measures can help prevent issues from occurring in the first place. 

3. Control Entrances

All entrances into the event should be controlled so that attendees are checking in or at least passing in front of staff. Depending on the event, the entrance can be controlled by security guards or regular staff. If using staff, at least one guard should be present and visible to help dissuade any poor behavior. It's also a good idea to provide wristbands or name tags to all attendees upon entry, as this makes it easier for security to tell at a glance if someone avoided security to gain entry.

4. Screen the Staff

It's especially important to screen staff at events, especially if temporary staffing is being brought on specifically for the event. Some event security firms provide background checks and screening services as part of their security package. Otherwise, look for temporary staffing companies that can provide their own screening documentation upon hiring. If this isn't possible, then it is your responsibility to screen all temporary staff before granting them access to the event. 

5. Hire Security

Use a mix of visible and plainclothes security, especially at larger events or those that include many security risks. The visible guards discourage security threats by their mere presence, and they can also be easily spotted and approached by any attendee that needs assistance. Plainclothes guards can monitor security anonymously, which can help them catch developing security threats before they progress too far. 

Contact an event security service for more help when it comes to safety at your next event. 

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