4 Types Of Collateral You Can Use To Get A Bail Bond

You have been arrested and charged with a crime. If you are like most people, the first thing you want to do is regain your freedom. But how do you do that? Simple. Just call a reliable 24-hour bail bonds service, and you will be out before you know it. The bail bond company will require you to pay a certain percentage of the bond amount. And sometimes, you may have to submit collateral. This article will review four types of collateral you could use to get bail bond services.

1. Real Estate

This is a viable option if you own land or a home. However, you cannot use real estate if you have a mortgage balance. The real estate must be yours or your cosigner's to serve as collateral. Bail bond companies accept real estate because it does not depreciate quickly. Also, land or a home may be worth a massive amount of money, meaning you can secure more amount with it. Remember, the property belongs to you, not the bail bond company, so you can still use it. If anything, you should be able to pick your title deed after your court appearances.

2. Valuables

Do you have highly valuable jewelry, electronics, antiques, or precious metals? If yes, then you have no reason to sleep behind bars. Just call a reliable bail bond company. They are willing to accept these items as collateral. You just need to bring the original receipt and appraisal to show the item's real worth. Note that the bail bondsman may hold these valuables until you appear for all hearing dates.

3. Investment

24-hour bail bond companies can also take bonds, fixed deposits, and stock to secure your freedom. The investment value must be higher than the bail amount to be accepted. And the bail bondman will stay with it until the case is resolved.

4. Automobiles

These may include cars, trucks, tractors, aircraft, or boats. Just like real estate, the automobile cannot be under debt, and you also need to prove you own it. Your friends and family can also submit their automobiles. But they will still be able to use them after forwarding their documents. Make all the court appearances to avoid trouble with the court and the bail bond company, or with your cosigner.

Now you know the common collateral you can use to regain your freedom. When you or your relative needs an urgent release from jail, you should contact a 24-hours bail bonds service. Not only will they act fast to ensure a smooth and speedy release, but you will also receive more personalized services from a bail bond agent who cares about your freedom and well-being.

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