Learn Some Great Things About Security Screen Doors

A security screen can be a great addition to your home for a variety of reasons. The information here will give you some insight into why a security screen is something that you should have installed.

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What a security screen is

A security screen is an exterior screen door that is made from metal, such as aluminum, steel, or a metal alloy. Security screens have locking door handles and deadbolts. This means that when you have a security screen installed in front of your front door, that also has a deadbolt, there will be four locks to get through, two of which will be deadbolts. This adds a whole other level of security to your home's front door. These screen doors are strong and designed to offer more protection to the home, especially when you want to have your front door open. 

What a security screen door looks like

Security screen doors come in different colors. However, the most popular colors tend to be black, white, and beige. The doors are made of a thick screen that's designed from metal that has many small holes in it. These screens also tend to have ornamental designs on the front of them in many cases as well. This adds a nice aesthetic to them. They make it difficult to see inside the home from the exterior, which adds to your privacy when you want to keep your front door open. However, you can easily see through them from inside the house. 

Some benefits of having a security screen door installed 

One of the benefits of having a security screen door installed is being able to allow more sunlight and fresh air to come inside the house without worrying about it leaving your home more susceptible to someone coming inside. Opening your front door is also a great way to achieve a cooling cross breeze on nice days, and security screens accommodate this practice. 

Another benefit of having a security screen door installed is it offers you a layer of security when you open your front door. With a security screen, you can open the door when someone rings the doorbell and see who is on the porch through the screen. As long as you have the screen dead-bolted, you know they can't get right at you. This is much different than when you have a regular screen door that can be easily cut open. 

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